“No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow”- Alice Walker

What can counselling and psychotherapy do for you?

Have you ever thought ‘Why does this always happen to me?’ Are you sometimes so exhausted with the same outcome every time that you think it’s time to change?

Or have you come to the conclusion that you definitely want to stop using, drugs, alcohol, food, sex or excessive shopping as a way of coping? And maybe you think that that’s ‘impossible’? Maybe you’ve tried several times kicking the habit, but you fell back in your old habits within weeks?

Or maybe life in general just feels too much! Too heavy, too much pressure, not enough time, not good enough and you’re exhausted of holding it together. You cry at the slightest mishap and shout at the postman for putting your post in the neighbour’s letterbox?

Maybe you feel on edge all the time. Going to work, school or even a social gathering makes you feel anxious, makes you constantly check yourself, your surroundings, your partner. Is social media stressing you out?  Even though you appear to be coping, it takes all your strength to keep going and you’re exhausted of the pretence?

Maybe you’ve suffered a loss, the loss of a family member, a close friend or a pet and the world has changed completely for you. You feel you’ve got to ‘buck up’, just keep going but things don’t seem to be the same anymore. Or the loss of a beloved has crushed you and you have difficulty finding your way in life again.

Sometimes life’s curve balls hit us and we don’t bounce back automatically. Divorce, bereavement, pressure to fit in, the pace of living in general can knock you for six. And it’s okay to stop and take stock. It’s okay to take some time for yourself, to reframe, restock, replenish. You don’t have to do everything on your own.

Counselling and therapy are a way for you to stop and listen to what your body and mind is telling you. It is time for you, just for you. You will have the space to be you, to be heard and sometimes to hear yourself.

Counselling can help you find the patterns which are repeating on you. In Counselling will make you feel heard, will make you feel understood and will make you make sense of your behaviour.

Therapy and counselling enable you to get in touch with your real self. The counselling relationship enables that. I offer a safe space for you to explore your life’s journey, to navigate the next steps and to accept the things that cannot be changed. Sometimes you only need 6 or 8 sessions to recognise patterns, negative beliefs, or the narrow road you’re treading to change your stance.

Sometimes longer is needed to fully trust the therapeutic relationship, allowing you to unearth events that shaped you.

Come and meet me. You and I can decide in that initial meeting whether we can create a therapeutic alliance and work on you. To get you back to being and feeling okay with yourself and the world you live in.

What does Purple Pippin mean?

Purple Pippin has several different meanings which embody the purpose of counselling and psychotherapy. The literal meaning of pippin is, ‘an apple grown from a seed’, which I see as growth.  As for the colour purple, it is uplifting, calming and inspires creativity. In different countries and cultures it is associated with courage , faith and what is to come.